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Warranty & Returns

To return a working or defective part, send it back to the address on the box (or below) with a note within 14 days.  Random parts returned without a note (including the order #) will not be refunded.  A refund minus the actual outbound shipping cost will be issued promptly.  Non defective items are subject to a 20% restocking charge if returned in a different condition than received.

Return shipping labels are not provided. We provide quality parts at below market prices described as accurately as possible.  But we are not Amazon and will not provide return shipping labels.

We mark our parts for your security to insure you don't receive a defective, returned part.  Unmarked parts will not be accepted for return.  Do not use any pre-printed labels inside the box for return purposes.

No refunds will be issued for items returned after 14 days.  

Send returns to:
29939 Aspen Ln
Evergreen, CO  80439